Academic Programs

The Department of Educational & Clinical Studies hosts a well-defined set of professional, research based, and accredited programs. Our programs emphasize translating theory into practice, including opportunities for students to work in clinical settings under supervision, with different client populations. Students are required to become competent professionals and informed consumers of literature and research. Because personal qualities play a vital part in the determination of success as a professional, opportunities are provided for the development of self-awareness, as well as an understanding of the effect one has upon others in interpersonal interactions and relationships. The philosophical underpinnings of the department include beliefs in democratic and communitarian values, the worth and dignity of individuals and relationships, personal uniqueness and value, and the freedom of individuals to be self-determined within a context of responsibility to others. Within the social world context, individuals strive to find meaning, involvement, worth, and self-esteem. However, they often experience difficulty addressing the basic problems of living: existential, relational, and occupational concerns about which people's lives revolve. Graduates of the department's programs are prepared to address these issues with clients, and are expected to be competent in doing so.

Undergraduate Programs

Certificate Programs

The Department offers certificate programs in either Clinical Mental Health Counseling or Early Childhood Special Education. Certificate programs are designed to help practitioners develop advanced skills in a specialty area. For more information, please select the certificate program you are interested in from the list below:

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Licensure Programs

Interested in teaching individuals with disabilities or young children? Then the Department of Educational and Clinical Studies' Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) program is a great way to seek your degree and pursue your teaching dream. The ARL program is a fast-paced program where you have the possibility of receiving your conditional teaching license in the state of Nevada after one semester (based on successful completion of licensing requirements) and you will receive your Master's degree within a year. In order to apply you must be willing to seek a Masters' degree or license in one of the following areas in special education: Generalist, Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, Early Childhood, or Early Childhood Special Education. Lastly, you must have a passion for working with individuals with disabilities or young children.

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Graduate Programs

The Department of Educational & Clinical Studies offers programs in a variety of concentration areas. For more information regarding a specific program, please select one from the list below:

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Doctoral Programs

The Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) is designed with an emphasis in the development of skills in scientific inquiry and leadership. Students enrolled in this study program gain an understanding of philosophy and theory as they relate to the conduct of research and program evaluation. Graduates pursue careers in schools, institutions of higher education, research centers and agencies that require the competencies developed through a Ph.D. course of study.

For students interested in earning both a Juris Doctor degree and a Doctor of Philosophy in Special Education degree, the William S. Boyd School of Law and the UNLV Department of Educational and Clinical Studies offers a dual Juris Doctor/Doctorate of Special Education (J.D./Ph.D.) program that allows students admitted to both programs to pursue the two degrees concurrently.

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Financial aid information can be found on the Department financial aid page and the UNLV Financial Aid website.