Advanced Graduate Certificate in Addictions Studies


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 February 1
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The Department admits applicants to an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Addiction Studies program. With substance abuse reaching epidemic proportions, Nevada, and the nation as a whole, is at the apex of professional training by offering a graduate level curriculum in the field of substance use and compulsive behaviors. The Advanced Graduate Certificate in Addictions Studies meets the needs of health professionals including Clinical Mental Health Counselors, Rehabilitation Counselors, School Counselors, Physicians, Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Behavioral Health Therapists by providing graduate addiction education to help them address client needs.

The program is two pronged:

  1. the certificate program for students already enrolled in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, consists of 12 additional credits or four courses, these are taken after the core degree requirements are met;
  2. for students with a masters degree in another counseling specialty (i.e., School Counseling, a counseling degree from another university, or a degree in a related mental health discipline), the certificate program would consist of 24 credits, or eight courses.

Students complete a Final Project as part of their enrollment in CED 787 Individual Research.

Once admitted, certificate students are considered members of the counselor education community.

A complete listing of the program requirements is available in the UNLV Graduate Catalog.