Dual Juris Doctor/Doctorate of Special Education (J.D./Ph.D.)


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The Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) is designed with an emphasis in the development of skills in scientific inquiry and leadership. Students enrolled in this study program gain an understanding of philosophy and theory as they relate to the conduct of research and program evaluation. Graduates pursue careers in schools, institutions of higher education, research centers and agencies that require the competencies developed through a Ph.D. course of study.

For students interested in earning both a Juris Doctor degree and a Doctor of Philosophy in Special Education degree, the William S. Boyd School of Law and the UNLV Department of Educational & Clinical Studies offers a dual Juris Doctor/Doctorate of Special Education (J.D./Ph.D.) program that allows students admitted to both programs to pursue the two degrees concurrently.

Pursued individually, the J.D. degree requires the completion of 89 credit hours and the PhD degree requires the completion of a minimum of 72 credit hours. The J.D./Ph.D. degree would require the completion of 80 law credit hours and a minimum of 63 education credit hours, as 9 hours of education courses are accepted toward the J.D. degree and 9 hours of law courses are accepted toward the Ph.D. degree. Applicants to the J.D./Ph.D. degree program must apply for, and gain admission to both the Boyd School of Law J.D. program and to the Ph.D. program in Special Education, respectively.