Master of Education (M.Ed.) in English Language Learning


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Admissions Deadline
 July 15 for Fall
November 15 for Spring
April 15 for Summer
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The M.Ed. in English Language Learning program is designed for individuals with baccalaureate degrees who are interested in working with English language learners in various contexts (P-12; ESL with adult learners; EFL internationally). Applicants will focus their program of study in either English Language Learning or Bilingual Education. Admitted students are required to develop a plan of study relevant to their focus area of study.

All graduate students are held responsible for the requirements and academic policies established by the Graduate College.

In addition, the Department of Educational & Clinical Studies has established requirements. While these requirements may be obtained from an academic advisor, they are briefly outlined here.

The master's degree program requires a minimum of 37 semester hours of approved studies and an overall minimum GPA of 3.00 in all courses counted toward the degree. Six of these semester hours are in research (3) and multicultural perspectives (3).

Master's degrees must be completed within a six-year period, and continuous enrollment must be maintained throughout the six years, unless a formal request for a leave of absence is approved by the department and Graduate College.

Admissions Information

Admission to the Master's degree program in English Language Learning requires a minimum grade point average of 2.75 for all undergraduate work or a 3.00 for the last two years of undergraduate work. Students with a GPA of less than 2.75 may be admitted to the graduate program with provisional status. All applicants are evaluated on their scholastic record, professional accomplishments, and potential for advanced studies.

Graduate College Admission Requirements

  • Completed admission application and fee. Incoming students please apply for admissions through the UNLV Graduate College Grad Rebel Gateway.
  • Set of official transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities

Educational and Clinical Studies Application Deadlines

  • July 15 for fall admission
  • November 15 for spring admission
  • April 15 for summer admission

Application forms and fees, and official transcripts are submitted to the Graduate College.

A one-page (350 to 400 words) letter of intent should include (1) the English Language Learning or Bilingual Education focus area of interest, (2) professional and academic goals, and (3) discussion of experiences relative to the focus area of study. The letter should be uploaded on-line with the application forms through the Graduate College Apply Yourself application system.

Assistantship applications are submitted to the department. International students should check with the Graduate College for current deadlines and procedures.

Areas of Emphasis (Subplans)

  • Subplan: English Language Learning (PDF)
  • Subplan: Bilingual Education (PDF)


Form Timeline
Proposed Masters & Specialist Degree Program Part 1 Before completing 16 hours OR by the 6th week of the semester of admission if 12+ hours (taken prior to admission) will be considered as part of the degree program. To be submitted with Master's Proposed Program Part 2 and Advisory Committee Form.
Proposed Masters & Specialist Degree Program Part 2 Before completing 16 hours OR by the 6th week of the semester of admission if 12+ hours (taken prior to admission) will be considered as part of the degree program. To be submitted with Master's Proposed Program Part 1 and Advisory Committee Form.
ECE/ECSE Graduate Program To be completed by ECE or ECSE graduate students ONLY regardless if you are in a program or not. Submit this form to your advisor.
Advisory Committee Form To be submitted with Master's Proposed Program Parts 1 & 2.
Change in Degree Form for the College of Education If applicable, to change degree sought from an M.S. to an M.Ed. Must be submitted within the first month of the first term of admission.
Change Advisor/Committee Member Memo When advisor or committee member changes are needed.
Overload Authorization Form If applicable.
Student Teaching Application Applications due:
Spring: Apply by October 1
Summer: Apply by March 1
Fall: Apply by March 1
For fingerprinting, payment and other important information, visit the Office of Field Experiences website.
Comprehensive Exam Application & Instructions For students admitted prior to spring 2007 or summer 2009 and beyond. Comprehensive Exam applications are accepted each semester and are due to the department on the same day that graduation applications are due WITHOUT a late fee. Please see graduate college website for graduation application deadlines.
Master's Portfolio Application For students admitted spring 2007 through spring 2009. Portfolio applications are accepted each semester and are due to the department on the same day that graduation applications are due WITHOUT a late fee. Please see graduate college website for graduation application deadlines.
Portfolio Overview Guidelines for Master's Comprehensive Portfolio.
Prerequisite Waiver For students needing permission to have a prerequisite waived or permission to get into a full class.

A complete listing of forms is also available on the Graduate College Forms page.

Financial Aid

Graduate Assistantships, Barrick Fellowships, and Alumni Scholarships are a few of the types of assistance available through the Graduate College. Please contact the Graduate College for additional information at 702-895-3320.

Information on grants, loans, and employment opportunities may be obtained from Student Financial Services at 702-895-3424, or toll free at 1-800-344-UNLV. Information on Graduate Assistantships may be obtained from the department at 702-895-3205.

Graduate Assistantships
Graduate Assistantships and Part-time Teaching Instructor Graduate Assistantships (teaching assistants) are available for students working toward a master's, education specialist, or doctoral degree. The applications are available through the Graduate College.

Graduate assistantships provide a monthly stipend and tuition/fee waiver. Applications and all supporting materials must be sent to the Graduate College no later than March 31st , preceding the fall semester in which an assistantship is sought. On rare occasions, assistantships may be available for the spring semester. In such cases, the application deadline is November 1.

The Department offers numerous Graduate Assistantships. Graduate assistants work to support faculty in research endeavors, as well as other duties. Teaching assistants teach courses for the department.

Culminating Experience and Graduation Requirements

The M.Ed. degree requires students to complete a minimum of 27 credit hours with the TESL prefix, EPY 702, ESP 722, either a CIE or CIS prefix course, and complete an electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) related to the focus area’s professional standards.

The e-portfolio must contain the primary assignments and grading rubrics from all courses on the student's program of study. It is each students' responsibility to collect and retain the assignments and graded rubrics at the end of each semester. Students must earn a "B" or better on the primary assignment in order for it to be included in the e-portfolio.

In addition, the e-portfolio must include a matrix of the appropriate TESOL Standards linked to the primary assignments from each course. Further, the e-portfolio must include a table of contents and a one-page reflection for each TESOL standard. Each academic advisor will provide additional information and guidelines on the e-portfolios.

The e-portfolio must be completed and turned in for evaluation by each student to the academic advisor during the student's last semester of coursework or in the semester immediately following the student's last semester of coursework.

The e-portfolio will be evaluated across six academic standards and 4 performance levels:

Academic Standards:

  • Theory into Practice
  • Professional Philosophy
  • Conduct and/or Evaluate Research
  • Content and Pedagogical Knowledge
  • Professional Standard Knowledge
  • Presentation and Format
Performance Levels: (with corresponding rubrics)
Distinguished (3) Proficient (2) Marginal (1) Unacceptable (0)
  • exceeds expectations
  • provides multiple layers of connected and convincing evidence
  • demonstrates exceptional performance
  • communicates distinctively and authoritatively
  • proposes original and creative solutions
  • meets expectations
  • provides multiple sources of clear evidence
  • demonstrates satisfactory performance
  • communicates accurately
  • presents a clear and convincing argument
  • meets minimum expectations
  • provides some evidence
  • demonstrates limited performance
  • exhibits limited ability to communicate ideas
  • presents partial or faulty argument
  • fails to meet expectations
  • provides little or no evidence
  • demonstrates insufficient or incomplete performance
  • exhibits lack of ability to communicate ideas
  • presents unsupported or incoherent argument

The e-portfolio will be graded Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. A total score of 12 or greater must be attained to earn Satisfactory, and each Academic Standard must receive no less than 2 points each. Unsatisfactory completion will require re-enrolling in the Culminating Experience. An Incomplete is not given for the Culminating Experience.

Dr. Tracy Spies
Program Coordinator
Phone: 702-895-1849