Admission to College of Education Programs

College of Education students are required to both be admitted to the University as well as the College itself in order to complete their degrees/programs.

Admission to College of Education Undergraduate Programs

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Admission to the University is the first step! For admission to the University, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions Application page. This process will include a transcript evaluation if you are a transfer student. Deadlines and application requirements are subject to change, so please contact the Office of Admissions (702-774-8658) for the most accurate information.

The UNLV application requires choice of major. If you indicate an Education major here (i.e., Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Human Services, Secondary Education, or Special Education), the UNLV Admissions Office will notify our center. Admission to the College of Education requires a minimum 2.75 GPA. All undergraduate students and second baccalaureate students begin as a pre-major in our College. Pre-majors are still working on fulfilling the requirements of being a full major. Being a full major typically means you are finished with the general education requirements and introductory Education coursework, and thus are ready to begin the specific curriculum for your major, including the field experience required for your degree.

Once admitted to UNLV as a College of Education major, you will automatically receive a welcome letter from our center. Freshmen students are required to attend New Student Orientation in the summer, where they will receive a schedule for their first semester of study, and a group advising session in their first semester. Transfer and all other students are required to make an appointment with an academic advisor in order to register for classes; attending orientation is encouraged but not mandatory.

Admission to College of Education Alternative Route to Licensure Programs

Students applying for any Alternative Route to Licensure program must apply for general admission to the UNLV Graduate College on the Graduate Admissions Application page. In addition to applying through the Graduate College, students must also submit a supplemental application to the department in which your program is housed:

Applications For Full Admission To Major for Current Students

Every student in the College of Education starts their program as a pre-major; to be considered for full admission you must have met all full-major requirements for your particular major/program. An academic advisor will go over the requirements with you and help you develop a plan of study that will indicate the specific semester you will be applying for full major. Complete the attached application for your major by the due date for the semester in which you are applying. Applications for fall are due March 1 and for spring are due October 1. Late applications will not be accepted.