Elementary Education ARL Program

Did you ever dream of becoming a teacher?

The UNLV ARL program for elementary teaching is designed for you to take 9 credits of courses in your first semester which provide you with preparation in pedagogical practices, literacy instruction and classroom management knowledge and skills.


The UNLV ARL program for elementary teaching is designed for you to take 9 credits of courses in your first semester which provide you with preparation in pedagogical practices, classroom management knowledge and skills as well as engage in a series of observation and clinical practices in a public school environment for at least 150 hours in the first semester. After successful completion of these classes and activities, and have passed test requirements such as Praxis Core and II exams, you will be recommended for a conditional license (valid for 3 years) to the Nevada Department of Education. You will then be eligible for hire in schools in Nevada once meeting these as well as State and school district requirements. You will continue courses in order to complete the criteria for a standard teaching license.

Admissions Information

Candidates are admitted for the Fall Semester (June 1 application Deadline), Spring Semester (November 1 application Deadline), Summer Term (March 15 application Deadline). Students should apply for admission to the Graduate College. Upon admission to the Graduate College, students will be eligible for admission to the ARL Program. Once accepted to the ARL Program, students should complete the course requirement worksheets they receive and contact their advisors to schedule initial appointments. No advisors are assigned until students are admitted to the ARL Program.


If you meet the above criteria and are interested in applying for the UNLV ARL program, complete the ARL Application form by (i) November 1 to meet the spring deadline or (ii) March 15 to meet the summer deadline or (iii) June 1 to meet the fall deadline.


Candidates must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply to the UNLV ARL program:

  1. Hold at least a Bachelor's degree in a field other than education, whose overall undergraduate or graduate GPA is 3.0 or higher.
  2. Pass the Praxis Core (Reading, Writing, and Math)
  3. Be accepted to the UNLV Graduate College.


Students are required to complete the courses as delineated in each phase of the program prior to student teaching. Continuous enrollment must be maintained unless a letter requesting exemption for the semester in question is submitted. Once admitted, students must take a 500 or 600 level course each semester, with the exception of the student teaching semester.

The Plan of Study Sheets should be used as a reference to guide you through your program.

Field Experiences

The Department of Teaching and Learning offers high-quality field experiences that are supervised by experienced clinical faculty and mentor teachers. Our field experiences allow teacher candidates to observe, assist, tutor, and instruct in varied classroom contexts. These experiences integrate applications of theory from coursework and are aligned with the school-based curriculum. It allows for teacher candidates to develop, practice, demonstrate, and reflect upon the academic components of their preparation. Our field experiences will provide the teacher candidate with real responsibilities, the opportunity to make decisions and to develop skills to analyze student needs and adjust practices using student performance data while receiving continuous monitoring and feedback from mentors and clinical faculty.

Field Experience Deadlines

For each field experience course, please complete the application and waiver no later than each respective semester deadline by completing the Field Experiences waiver form.