For information regarding registration, including registration dates/times, course listings, and fees, visit MyUNLV. Freshmen students are registered for their first semester of courses by an academic advisor at orientation, but for future semesters students must register themselves for the appropriate courses as discussed with an advisor. Transfer and all other students register themselves after meeting with an advisor. Registration tutorials are available to use as an additional advising tool.

Registration Problems

There are several reasons that MyUNLV will not allow a student to register for a particular course:

  • The student does not meet the prerequisite for the course.
  • The student completed the prerequisite(s) for the course(s) at another institution but MyUNLV does not recognize the prerequisite(s) have been met.
  • The student has an approved petition to register for the course(s) but MyUNLV does not recognize the student has an approved petition.
  • The course is full and/or the waitlist is full.

If you find yourself in a situation where your advisor has recommended a course but MyUNLV will not allow you to register, please call our center at 702-895-1537 for assistance. If the course you are having trouble registering for is an Education course (prefixed CED, COE, ECE, EDU, EPY, EDSP, EDEL, EDRL, or EDSC), our center can assist you with registration issues. If you meet the prerequisite(s) and the course is NOT full, the center staff will grant you registration permission in MyUNLV. If the course is offered by another department, you must contact that specific department for course permission. Permission for graduate-level courses must be given by the specific department the course is housed in.

Full Course Policies for Undergraduates

If the course you are attempting to register for is full, you must add yourself to the waitlist or contact the respective department to ask for permission to enroll. If the appropriate number of students withdraw from the course, you will be automatically enrolled, and notified through your Student Center in MyUNLV. Some courses do not offer a waitlist; in this case, you will have to continually check the course in MyUNLV to see if a seat becomes available after someone else has dropped. Center staff are unable to override full courses; that is, we cannot create a seat in a full course for you.