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The College of Education is committed to creating an intellectual environment that promotes quality instruction, significant research, and professional service. Particular attention is focused on preparing professionals for diverse educational settings and on contributing to educational and pedagogical knowledge through scholarly endeavors. The College provides leadership in both the art and science of educational practice. Furthermore, the College is committed to creating an inclusive learning environment that values and promotes diversity. Collaboration among students, faculty, other professionals, and community members is essential to the College in achieving its goals. Integral to the mission is a dedication to being a premier college of education that serves our dynamic and expanding community, the state, the region, and the nation.

Dr. Nancy Lough

Dr. Nancy Lough will be honored as Sport Marketing Association Research Fellow at the group's annual conference in Philadelphia in October. The Sport Marketing Association Research Fellow recognizes individual scholars who have shown excellence in the area of sport marketing research, honoring the work that they have disseminated through SMA and its official journal, Sport Marketing Quarterly.

The SMA Research Fellow designation is intended to: (a) be one of distinction within SMA and Fellows' own academic communities, and (b) encourage high standards of research and other forms of scholarship among SMA's members.

Congratulations to Dr. Lough for this prestigious award.

The UNLV Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders announces a partnership with the University of Nevada School of Medicine. The purpose of the partnership is to bring more services to autistic children, in the form of a two-story center across from UNLV's main campus. More information about the partnership is available at the following websites:

The UNLV Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders conducts community-focused research, assessment, and training of persons with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), their families, and community service providers in Southern Nevada. The goal of the center is to be a nationally recognized leader in the field of ASD through high quality research, assessment, and training.

Learn more about the UNLV Center of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Dr. W. Paul Jones

With deepest sadness we announce the passing of Dr. Paul Jones, long-time faculty member from Educational Psychology and Higher Education in the College of Education. Paul joined the UNLV faculty in 1987 after working as a psychologist in full-time private practice in Las Vegas. He earned a BA and MA in Psychology from Eastern New Mexico University, and an EdD in Counseling from New Mexico State University. Paul's record of service to his department, the college, the University, and the professional and local community was outstanding and colleagues, students, and community members in the Las Vegas area held him in highest regard.

Paul's scholarship was extensive with over 85 articles in refereed professional journals, and textbooks in research methods, psychological diagnostics, enhancing clinical skills, and educational psychology. He earned numerous teaching and research awards throughout his career. Always staying current in the field, his most recent research included the use of the Internet to deliver counseling and assessment services, applications of single-case design/statistical analysis, and computer-assisted neuropsychological testing.

In terms of colleague and mentor, Paul was highly active in doctoral programs, serving on numerous committees in the department as chair or member, and in the COE and across campus as an outside representative who brought his statistical knowledge to assist students. He served as Department Chair, and as COE Faculty Chair. He was highly active on the Merit review, College, and University Tenure and Promotion committees, as well as the IRB Committee for Behavioral Sciences. Paul lent his services as a founding member to the Lynn Bennett Early Childhood Center Research Advisory Council, and was active with numerous community agencies as well.

Dr. Jane McCarthy

The College of Education would like to announce that Dr. Jane McCarthy has accepted an offer to serve as Interim Executive Associate Dean of the College for the 2014-15 academic year. Dr. McCarthy's history with the College and University, her experience in the Dean's Office, and her awareness of the tremendous dynamism that exists in Education today will be invaluable to the College. Her engagement in the work of the Task Force's both as a Facilitator and as a member of the Alignment Committee give her a particularly rich understanding of the College and the work that lies ahead of us.

Dr. Jane McCarthy previously served a two-year term as Interim Dean of the College of Education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She was appointed to this position in July, 2005. She is also the Director of the Accelerated Schools Project at UNLV. In this position, she works with schools with high percentages of students in at-risk situations. She is currently working intensively with a school district on the Navajo Reservation. She also serves as the Past-President of the national Association of Teacher Educators. She has recently been appointed to the NCATE Board for Specialty Area Subjects. Dr. McCarthy previously served as the Chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (now the Department of Teaching & Learning) and Chair of the UNLV Faculty Senate. She has an extensive record of research and publication in the fields of school reform, classroom management, and effective teaching strategies for students in at-risk situations. She has been a faculty member at the University of Houston, Rice University, and a project director at Stanford University before coming to UNLV sixteen years ago. Dr. McCarthy is a member of numerous boards and committees. She has served as the chair of the Classroom Management Special Interest Group for the American Educational Research Association and the Accelerated Schools Special Interest Group. She has been the chair of the Executive Committee of the Accelerated Schools national center. She has served as state president for ATE as well as for AACTE. She also serves on numerous university level committees including the UNLV Planning Council. Dr. McCarthy has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Inquiry Award given for research by the Accelerated Schools National Center, the Outstanding Faculty Award, given by the Board of Regents, and the Outstanding Faculty Award given by the UNLV Alumni Association. Dr. McCarthy received her B.A. in History and Sociology from Douglass College of Rutgers University, her M.S. in Education from Florida State University, and her Ed.D. in Teacher Education from the University of Houston.

Dr. Clifford R. McClain

The Nevada Association of Career and Technical Education (NACTE) recently honored Dr. Clifford R. McClain as the Postsecondary Teacher of the Year, at their Annual Conference in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. This award was presented in recognition of his outstanding service, devotion, and leadership in Career and Technical Education.

While at the Annual Conference, Dr. McClain also made two presentations. He presented with Ms. Celine Endy, a UNLV Sophomore and the Administrative Vice President of the UNLV Collegiate DECA organization. Their presentation was entitled, Why Not a Collegiate CTSO? This presentation discussed the need for more student leadership organizations on Nevada's several collegiate campuses, while highlighting the success of the new UNLV DECA Chapter. Dr. McClain also presented a paper entitled, I'm Not What Others Think: Countering Stereotype Threat. This presentation discussed how repeated experiences of negative stereotyping can lead to diminished confidence, poor performance, and loss of interest by many of our students, especially on cognitive high threat tests.

Dr. McClain is an Associate Professor and Program Coordinator for the Career and Technical and Postsecondary Education program in the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Nathan Slife

Nathan Slife has been selected as the Coordinator of the College of Education's First Year Seminar (FYS) and Second Year Seminar (SYS). Nathan, along with Dr. Vicki Rosser (Department of Educational Psychology and Higher Education), has been instrumental in creating courses for both the FYS and SYS. In his new position, Nathan will be responsible for scheduling and teaching courses, hiring instructors, and generating information and data about the FYS and SYS. The College of Education is pleased that Nathan will continue to oversee these important courses for our undergraduate students.

The quality of teaching and teachers in the U.S. has been the subject of conjecture, debate, and political dialogue since the concept of a free, public education for every child became a reality in this country more than two centuries ago. The intensity of the conversation has, however, increased greatly in the past 20 years, and it has become particularly contentious in cities served by large, urban school districts.

The College is proud to announce that five faculty members have been selected to present their work at the UNLV Academic Achievement Gala. Those faculty members who have been selected are:

  • Dr. Joseph Morgan - Assistant Professor - Department of Educational & Clinical Studies
  • Dr. Tara Raines - Assistant Professor - Department of Educational Psychology & Higher Education
  • Dr. Stefani Relles - Assistant Professor - Department of Educational Psychology & Higher Education
  • Dr. P.G. Schrader - Associate Professor - Department of Teaching & Learning
  • Dr. Tracy Spies - Assistant Professor - Department of Educational & Clinical Studies

The inaugural gala will be held on April 17, 2014. The event will involve a reception and dinner to showcase and celebrate the scholarly and creative accomplishments of our faculty over the academic year, focusing on how the work of our faculty exemplifies "Innovation," "Collaboration" and "Societal Impact."

Gayle A. Zeiter Children's Literature Conference

The Gayle A. Zeiter Children's Literature Conference will be held on Saturday, April 5th from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Greenspun Auditorium on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus. The cost to attend the conference is $15.00 for University of Nevada, Las Vegas undergraduate and graduate students and $25.00 for community members. Registration is limited to 200 attendees so be sure to register early.

Refer to the list of links below for more information related to the featured speakers, registration information, and the conference schedule.

The Southern Nevada Writing Project (SNWP) recently received notification of $20,000 in grant funding to support the implementation of a two-year plan for investing in teacher leadership programming and opportunities for 20 or more new or experienced teacher leaders. The 2014-2016 SEED Teacher Leadership Development Grant is administered by the National Writing Project via funding from the US Department of Education. The purpose of this grant is to expand and develop teacher leadership to improve the teaching of writing and learning in the nation's schools. SNWP will use this the first half of this funding to invest in teachers attending the 2014 Invitational Summer Institute to be held at UNLV from June 17-July 11. Additional funds will support other leadership institutes over the next year.

SNWP is one of nearly 200 National Writing Project sites that comprise the National Writing Project network. In addition to the summer institute for teachers, SNWP sponsors writing camps for youth each summer. This year the camps will run from August 4-15. Camps for grades 1-8 will be held at Paradise Professional Development School and at Simmons Elementary. Summer Writing Workshops for grades 9-12 will be held on the UNLV campus. Applications for the camps as well as further information about SNWP programs can be found at the SNWP website or by contacting Marilyn McKinney.

The Graduate Certificate in Higher Education targets full or part-time graduate students who may not have studied higher education through any formal degree program but wish to develop a deeper understanding of higher education. In particular doctoral students enrolled in other disciplines who plan to enter the academy as tenure track faculty members, as well as current administrative professionals who already possess an undergraduate degree and have 2-3 years full-time experience in higher education, may also benefit from this experience. Hours earned for the certificate may be applied to a degree program in higher education at the masters or doctoral levels. Hours earned in the masters or doctorate programs in higher education may NOT be used toward the certificate. Certificate Requirements are 15 credit hours.

Dr. Kim Metcalf

Dr. Kim Metcalf joins the faculty at UNLV after serving as Dean of the College of Education, Interim Vice Provost for Operations and Sponsored Research, and Director of Institutional Research at the University of West Georgia. Before this he was a member of the faculty of the School of Education at Indiana University-Bloomington.

Dr. Metcalf began his career as a public school band and orchestra teacher after receiving his bachelor's degree in Music Education from Ball State University. In 1989, he earned his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from The Ohio State University in Teacher Education and Educational Research and Evaluation.

Dr. Metcalf's research in teacher education and in education policy, particularly his research on school choice, has been recognized by the Association of Teacher Educators, the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, and the American Evaluation Association, among others. His publications include a co-authored textbook, "The Act of Teaching," now in its sixth edition.

Previous leadership positions include service as director of the Indiana Center for Evaluation (Indiana University, 1997-2003) and as an associate superintendent for research and assessment (Monroe County Community Schools, Bloomington, Indiana, 2004-2006).

Dr. Metcalf succeeds Dr. William Speer, who has served as interim dean of the College of Education from July 2009 - June 2013.

The College of Education would like to recognize the following faculty for their contributions:

Congratulations award recipients for your outstanding contributions to the College of Education, to the Las Vegas community, and to the field of education.

Dr. Howard Gordon, Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning, recently participated in an interview on the All Sides with Ann Fisher Radio Talk Show. The purpose of the interview was to discuss the history of vocational education and current trends for this type of education in the U.S. An audio recording of the talk show can be accessed through the WOSU website.

The History and Growth of Career and Technical Education in America

Dr. Howard Gordon, Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning, has published the fourth edition of his text, The History and Growth of Career and Technical Education in America.

This edition features comprehensive background and research on such topics as evolving employer expectations, special-needs populations, land-grant institutions, teacher shortages and alternative certification, CTSOs, and an historical overview of influential leaders and their impact on career and technical education curriculum development. Pre-service teachers as well as experienced career and technical education teachers will appreciate this well-documented road map of Career and Technical Education.

Racialized School

Congratulations to Dr. Jesse Brinson (Department of Educational & Clinical Studies) and Dr. Shannon Smith (Department of Educational & Clinical Studies) on publishing their new book Racialized School: Understanding and Addressing Racism in Schools. While racism continues to be a persistent and pervasive issue in our schools nationwide, the professionals charged with creating safe and nurturing educational environments have few resources available to address racism directly. Racialized Schools is on the leading edge of books that do just that and includes the latest research and praxis to help school personnel confront racism in a professional manner. A national qualitative survey of students, school counselors, teachers, and administrators sets the stage by providing readers with a 360-degree picture of today's schools and the many ways racism creeps into the lives of our students. The authors present a number of different models and perspectives on understanding and addressing racism, beginning with their own personal and professional experiences. Significant attention is also given to empowering school personnel and students to become racially aware, sensitive, and competent to address racism and racial conflicts in schools. Racialized Schools is not only a comprehensive look at racism within our schools; it is also a practical tool for use by teachers, school counselors, administrators, etc., for implementing preventative measures to combat racism directly.

Canned Food Drive

The UNLV College of Education recently held its first canned food drive. The purpose of the canned food drive was to assist those in need within the Las Vegas Community.

College of Education faculty, staff, and students were able to raise a total of 2,161 canned and nonperishable food items. The food items collected were donated to the UNLV Cares Food Pantry.

Dr. P.G. Schrader

Dr. P.G. Schrader (Department of Teaching & Learning) and Dr. MaryKay Orgill (Department of Chemistry) were awarded $749,700 from the National Science Foundation for their grant proposal titled Cyber-Learning Activities to Scaffold STEM Practices (CLASSP). The grant will look at how innovative, cyber-enabled instructional methods can transform STEM education and increase opportunities for underrepresented middle-school student populations. CLASSP addresses this by developing, implementing and testing a cyber-learning methodology to elevate STEM learning opportunities and success for underrepresented minority and rural middle school students in Nevada.

Research on video games has informed this approach, which combines a proven system for online inquiry with feedback. This system is being developed in concert with a community of practitioners within the existing Nevada Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness Undergraduate Program (GEAR UP) network that addresses the college preparation of underrepresented populations. GEAR UP will help identify and CLASSP will target an audience of middle-school students from ethnically and racially diverse and economically disadvantaged communities. Through this partnership, the impact of the projects' cyber-learning methodology will be piloted online and in face-to-face interactions with students in the urban settings of Reno and Las Vegas. Next, the project will expand to meet the interests and needs of rural educators and students in remote areas of Nevada. With experimental cyber-learning methods and low technology requirements, CLASSP is capable of being integrated into the most rudimentary technology infrastructures. The lessons learned will inform teacher training and STEM education of diverse students.

Dr. Mario Martinez

The State University of New York has commissioned a number of national practitioners and scholars to examine the future of higher education, in a series of books to help higher education leaders think about the future of public higher education. Dr. Mario Martinez (Department of Educational Psychology & Higher Education) and Dr. Brandy Smith (Department of Educational Psychology & Higher Education) were asked to contribute to Higher Education Systems 3.0: Harnessing Systemness, Delivering Performance, Lane, J. and Johnstone, B (editors). Their chapter Systems, Ecosystems, and Change in State-Level Public Higher Education describes an organizational change model for systems of higher education. This foundation of this chapter is based on a combination of recent work by Dr. Martinez and Dr. Smith's dissertation research. Congratulations Dr. Martinez and Dr. Smith.

Dr. William Speer

Dr. William Speer will serve as the Director of the Math Learning Center. As the Director of the Math Learning Center, Dr. Speer's top priority will be to work with the campus on the continued improvement of mathematics education at UNLV. This entails working closely with the College of Sciences - Department of Mathematical Sciences, Academic Success Center and the College of Education to develop new and more effective math education delivery modes.

Dr. Speer is a Past President of several professional organizations including the Research Council on Mathematics Learning, the School Science and Mathematics Association, the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Ohio Mathematics Education Leadership Council, the Nevada Mathematics Council (two terms), and the Nevada Association of Teacher Educators (two terms). He is also an Alumni Fellow of the Council of Scientific Society Presidents. He has served on the Mathematics and Statistics Advisory Committee for the College Board, served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Washington, D.C. based Triangle Coalition of Business, Government, and Education and, currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of WestEd. He was a member of the NCTM Commission that released the landmark publication entitled Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics and was a major author on the revised NCTM teaching standards. He has also served NCTM as the Chairman of the Affiliated Services Committee and as the Chairman of the Board of the Mathematics Education Trust. He is the primary author of the Wiley text, TODAY'S MATHEMATICS: Concepts, Classroom Methods and Instructional Activities, twelfth edition, focusing on content/teaching methods for the elementary and middle grades. Dr. Speer also served as the General Editor for the NCTM annual yearbooks covering 2011-13, has been a contributing author on six major books, and has authored numerous articles in various professional journals. He has served as editor of the IDEAS section for the Arithmetic Teacher journal and editor of the INVESTIGATIONS section of Teaching Children Mathematics journal. He has also served on the Editorial Board for the research journal FOCUS on the Learning and Teaching of Mathematics (now renamed as INVESTIGATIONS in Mathematics Learning).

The 2013-2014 College of Education Scholarships have been awarded! Thirty-three students were awarded scholarships for a total of $35,600. Thank you for taking the time to apply. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Older news postings can be found at the UNLV College of Education News Archive page.