Interaction & Media Science Lab Research Equipment

Human Computer Interaction

Research Workstations

The lab is currently equipped with five iMac research stations that have been dual formatted for Windows and Mac OS. Each has been equipped with a special suite of tools for data collection.

Mobile Research Capabilities

The IMS Lab also has a mobile cart containing 20 Macbook Air laptops for research purposes. Each has a solid-state drive and current versions of Mac OS and software.

Virtual Reality

In a separate room, the IMS Lab is equipped with a top of the line Virtual Reality and Gaming computer. This system boasts a liquid cooled i7 CPU, an NVIDIA Geforce 1080GTX, and a 1TB SSD. The system also has 12TB of internal storage for screen capture and video recording. For VR research, the lab uses the current release of the HTC VIVE. A comprehensive suite of games and software are also available.

Other Research Tools

In addition to computer hardware, the lab continues to seek a variety of input devices. Currently, the IMS lab has the eMotiv EEG headset for craniocerebral research.