Teacher Licensure and Testing

ruth Devlin works with a student at Paradise Elementary School

The Nevada Department of Education is soley responsible for issuing Nevada Teaching and Administrative Licensure. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas offers degree programs in and course work designed to qualify those wishing to apply for licensure.

The College of Education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas offers a variety of programs that meet the needs of our diverse population. We offer Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Education, Master of Science, Doctorate Degrees both Ph.D. and Ed.D, as well as specialist degrees. Please visit our Academic Programs page to select a program that meets your needs.

What academic programs are available at UNLV designed to prepare professional educators for teacher licensure?

Helpful Information Related to Enrolling at UNLV

What are the requirements for licensure?
State mandates and competency testing (http://teachers.nv.gov/Getting_Started/Testing/)

How does one apply for licensure?
Nevada Department of Education (http://nvteachers.doe.nv.gov/)