Dr. Kimberly Nehls Receives Award

Dr. Kimberly Nehls

Dr. Kimberly Nehls received the Annual Distinguished Scholar Award at the 28th Annual Ethnographic & Qualitative Research Conference (EQRC) in Las Vegas, February 1-2, 2016. This award highlights an attendee that has been active in the conference Particular consideration is given to evident scholarship and continued participation in the EQRC conference.

The awards are intended to (a) recognize quality scholarship among EQRC participants and (b) encourage able scholars to continue participating in the conference. EQRC will bestow 4-5 awards on an annual basis and they will be recognized in the conference program. We assembled an ad hoc committee of able scholars who had previously attended the EQRC conference and among whom had received the award last year. The committee reviewed CVs of individuals who previously have had longstanding participation with the conference and evidenced able scholarship in research conference presentations, journal publications, and other scholarly contributions to their respective fields. More information about the award can be found on the Annual McGraw Hill Distinguished Scholar Award site.