Get Your Professional Growth Plan

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Educators / licensed professionals have many options to participate in professional development activities aligned to their PGP that is developed in collaboration with their supervisor. In general, professional development activities are assigned CUs associated with the time that the educator / licensed professional participates in these activities outside of the contractual workday.

WHY is UNLV the Place for your PGP?

  • UNLV is an approved Institution of Higher Education (IHE) by the NV DOE. A minimum of 225 CUs is needed for movement upwards. Approximately 180 minutes of "clock" time translates to one CU.
  • Because UNLV is an approved IHE, 1 credit earned = 8 CUs. Thus, a 3 credit course completed at UNLV = 24 CUs.
  • Non approved IHEs accrue CUs at a slower rate; 1 credit of coursework earned = 5 CUs. Thus, a 3 credit course completed at a non approved IHE = 15 CUs.
  • In addition, credits earned can also be applied to programs of study, i.e., M.Ed., Ph.D., Certificates, and Endorsements!!