Student Research Opportunities

The College of Education offers undergraduate and graduate students several opportunities to engage in the research process. Below please find COE Faculty with current projects and initiatives; contact them directly to learn more about how you can volunteer with conducting literature reviews; collecting, entering, and analyzing data; and other research tasks.

These opportunities are open to all students. For information on graduate assistantships, please contact individual departments.

Educational & Clinical Studies
Christine Baxter Early childhood education, early childhood special education, literacy, and ELLs. Assistance with data analysis needed for project related to parent and teacher ratings of young children's social competence.
Wendy Hoskins Counselor education, program evaluation, school counseling, and international counseling. Graduate students in counselor education needed for assisting with literature reviews, data collection and analysis in counseling related research. Undergraduate volunteers requested to participate in studies regarding counseling needs.
Margarita Huerta ELLs, science education, and writing education. Science and literacy integrated projects specifically with ELL students.
Maryssa Kucskar Early childhood education, early childhood special education, autism, social skills, and inclusive school practices. Assistance needed with literature reviews, data collection, inter-rater reliability, and procedural fidelity checks.
Joseph Morgan Special education, learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, access to the General Education curricula, social emotional well-being of students with behavioral problems, and urban education variables. Las Vegas Downtown Achieves and My Brother's Keeper are city-driven initiatives that are great research opportunities.
Cristina Reding Teaching English as a Second Language.
Shannon Sparks Choice-making.
Tracy Spies Creating high quality language environments for ELLs. Pilot research on a language enhanced model of science inquiry.
Claire Tredwell Early childhood special education, inclusion, peer modeling, and STEM in early childhood education. Pilot research on teacher-family communication and collaboration in early childhood inclusion program.
Chris Wood School counseling, career development, career assessment instruments, and educationally vulnerable populations. Data collection, data entry, and literature reviews assistance needed for (1) a project investigating the STEM experiences of underrepresented students in engineering, and (2) a project investigating the burnout experiences of students in field experiences.
Educational Psychology & Higher Education
Matthew Bernacki Please visit the MALT (Metacognition and Motivation in Advanced Learning Technologies) Lab website for research opportunities.
Alice Corkill Human measurement (testing), working memory, and text processing.
Scott Loe School psychology and Tier 2 Interventions. Research opportunities (e.g., literature reviews, data analysis) with Zooms School initiative.
Gwen Marchand Motivational development of school-aged children, Social and personal factors that influence student engagement. Please visit the Motivational Systems Lab website for research opportunities.
Steve McCafferty Sociocultural theory and second language acquisition, sociocultural theory, and second language gesture studies.
Rebecca Nathanson Children with and without disabilities in the legal system. Research opportunities (observations and interviews, literature reviews) investigating the capabilities and limitations of child witnesses and the efficacy of the Kids' Court program.
Michael Nussbaum Argumentation, discussion, computer-supported collaborative learning, argumentative writing, science education, and categorical statistics.
Teaching & Learning
Jori Beck Clinical teacher preparation, urban teacher residencies, and qualitative research.
Steven Bickmore Young adult literature, English methods, teaching literature, teaching writing, and new teacher induction.
Randall Boone Educational technology, assistive technology for persons with disabilities, Geographic Information Systems for education policy research.
Christine Clark Multicultural curriculum transformation in PK-20 education across disciplines, White anti-racist identity development linked to multicultural teacher education preparation, dismantling the school to prison pipeline, and resilience in schools and communities through critical multicultural education.
Hasan Deniz Science education.
Greg Levitt Innovations in education, flipping the classroom, social studies, and multicultural education. Research assistance needed for building a database for student lesson plans.
Michael McCreery Virtual and real-world ecological models of learning and behavior. Literature review assistance needed for school climate research.
Allison Smith Teacher evaluation, and youth entrepreneurship education.
Micah Stohlman Mathematical modeling and integrated STEM education.
David Vallett Technology in science education, educational neuroscience, computational modeling of cognition, and student cognition and affect.