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The College of Education is committed to creating an intellectual environment that promotes quality instruction, significant research, and professional service. Particular attention is focused on preparing professionals for diverse educational settings and on contributing to educational and pedagogical knowledge through scholarly endeavors. The College provides leadership in both the art and science of educational practice. Furthermore, the College is committed to creating an inclusive learning environment that values and promotes diversity. Collaboration among students, faculty, other professionals, and community members is essential to the College in achieving its goals. Integral to the mission is a dedication to being a premier college of education that serves our dynamic and expanding community, the state, the region, and the nation.

Dr. Hugo Garcia was just elected as a member-at-large position to the executive committee on the Council for International Higher Education (CIHE). Dr. Garcia will serve as a member-at-large on the Council's Executive Committee as a full voting member. His term is for two years. His duties as a member-at-large of CIHE include serving as part of an advisory group to the Chair and supporting the Program Chair with coordinating the International Forum program. The purposes of the CIHE are: (a) To provide a forum for the dissemination and discussion of research in order to advance research and theory on higher education from comparative and international perspectives. To provide a formal structure within ASHE for scholars with interests in international higher education can promote theory and research to explore contrasting cultural and international perspectives in the study of higher education; (b) To provide a focal point and network for students entering the field of international higher education research; and (c) To provide a communication linkage among higher education researchers for the identification of research priorities, the exchange of ideas and methods and the facilitation of cooperative research and evaluation

The UNLV Rebel Academy was highlighted in a June 25 news segment. The Rebel Academy was created by the Department of Teaching and Learning, College of Education, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), in order to prepare a cohort of teachers for entry into the Clark County School District (CCSD) as teachers of record for the 2015-2016 academic year due to the County's anticipated need for 2,600 teachers. The faculty from the UNLV Department of Teaching and Learning also view Rebel Academy as an opportunity to provide a free service to the community in offering a summer enrichment program to Grade 7 and 8 students for four weeks. Through the Academy, the Grade 7 and 8 students enhance their knowledge and reasoning skills in English, math, and science.

The summer institute Always Remember: Reading and Writing About the Holocaust, managed by Department of Teaching & Learning Professor Dr. Liz Spalding, was recently highlighted in the news. A listing of the most recent news releases are available by visiting the links below.

Visit the Always Remember Institute site more information about the conference.

Project F.O.C.U.S., headed by Department of Educational & Clinical Studies Assistant Professor Dr. Josh Baker, was recently highlighted in the news. Here are some of the recent highlights:

The purpose of Project F.O.C.U.S. is to provide an inclusive, accessible, and productive career education program for college aged students with Intellectual Disabilities in the Las Vegas valley that promotes self-determination, community engagement and partnerships, job readiness and transitions to adulthood through person-centered planning, inclusive teaching, evidence-based research, and positive behavior supports.

Over the past year, the College of Education at the University of Nevada Las Vegas identified key educational issues to be presented during the 2015 Nevada Legislative session. College of Education faculty completed research around these key education issues and developed them into papers with the intent to inform policy makers during this session. The faculty produced papers spoke to these issues:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders in Nevada (PDF | Interactive)
  • Educational Funding Practices in Nevada and the U.S. (PDF | Interactive)
  • English Language Learners: Historical Contexts, Current Status, and Considerations for Future Directions (PDF | Interactive)
  • Full Day Kindergarten: An Overview for Nevada (PDF | Interactive)
  • Implementation of the Nevada Academic Content Standards in English Language and Mathematics Key Issues (PDF | Interactive)
  • Improving Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Nevada: School Based Initiatives and Wraparound Services (PDF | Interactive)
  • Addressing the Needs of Students Living in Poverty though Comprehensive School Reform (PDF | Interactive)
  • Improving the Teacher Pipeline (PDF | Interactive)

These papers have been shared through the legislative session. Each of the full papers can be found in journal format in either PDF or interactive formats. You may also find a condensed version of each paper's findings in a two-page flier by clicking each title above.

Please feel free to contact the authors directly should you have any questions regarding these specific papers, or contact Sheila Bray at sheila.bray@unlv.edu for additional a copy of this publication.

73% of high school seniors are underprepared for college writing. A disproportionate number of these students are linguistically diverse. Only 17% of underprepared writers will earn a Bacclaureate degree. The "Write to College" project uses the summer bridge concept as a platform for research that offers study participants reciprocity in the form of academic assistance and financial aid advising. The project will target UNLV-bound students from low-performing public high schools in the Clark County School District (CCSD). Ten high-achieving students from low-income family backgrounds will be recruited to participate in a 10-day pilot incarnation of the "Write to College" bridge. Students who successfully complete the program receive a modest scholarship.

Individuals interested in "Write to College" should contact Department of Educational Psychology & Higher Education Assistant Professor Dr. Stefani Relles for more information.

UNLV community,

I am pleased to announce that UNLV is the first four-year institution in Nevada to reach Hispanic student enrollment of 25 percent. This mark, along with financial aid indicators, means that UNLV meets the U.S. Department of Education's regulatory definition of an Hispanic-Serving Institution.

This is an important milestone in our university's history and also a reflection of the rich diversity in Southern Nevada.

With this recognition comes an opportunity to seek federal grant money geared toward student success that will help all of our students. As a university, we will make a concerted and collaborative effort to compete for funds, which if granted can be used to hire advisors, build additional classrooms, enhance classroom technology, or add enhanced student-success enterprise systems. We are only limited by our imagination.

Since 2012, the university has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as an Asian American, Native American, and Pacific Islander-Serving Institution. And for the past four years U.S. News & World Report ranks UNLV among the nation's most diverse campuses for undergraduates, with more than half of our students from racial or ethnic minority groups.

This is more than an opportunity for additional grant funding. Each year UNLV is becoming more reflective of the community and state we serve. Embracing and celebrating diversity within our students, staff and faculty, and our community is critical to our aspirations to becoming a top tier institution.

Please join me in celebrating this achievement.
Luis Valera
Vice President, Office of Government Affairs, Diversity, and Compliance

A work-learning workshop that will give librarians an opportunity to design research- based/intensive assignments, authentic assessments, and evaluative rubrics in collaboration with a teacher from their school, in order to build developmental information literacy learning into the curriculum.

The workshop will be held at the from August 11 to August 13 at the University of Nevada Las Vegas - Lied Library. Librarian and teacher teams will have dedicated time to collaborate on curricular integration of information literacy learning in a subject area for their school, e.g. social studies, English, science. Teams will produce a research plan including:

  • a curriculum map identifying targeted courses and associated learning outcomes;
  • student assignments for each course;
  • assessment instruments for each assignment.

Questions? Contact Amanda Melilli, Head of the UNLV Curriculum Materials Library at Amanda.Melilli@unlv.edu.

The College of Education would like to congratulate the following faculty on receiving a UNLV 2015 Faculty Opportunity Award:

Together our faculty, along with Dr. Ian Dove, Department of Philosophy, and Nicole Klimow, Secondary English and Language Development Coordinator, Clark County School District, received $29,908 in funding for their submission titled: "Teaching Walton's Argumentation Schemes to Middle and High School Students in Science and Language Arts".

The Faculty Opportunity Awards, which were created in 2012, were designed to support faculty research with potential for continued external funding and to provide financial support needed to complete significant scholarly/creative works.

College of Education Receives Nearly $70,000 in Scholarship Funding in Honor of Dedicated, Life-Long Teaching Couple

Alton D. and Mildred S. Willard

As a life-long educator, Mildred Willard passionately believed in every child's ability to thrive and grow under the direction of a committed, well-trained teacher. She dedicated her life's work to being a beacon of hope, inspiration and knowledge to every student fortunate enough to cross her path.

A graduate of Central Michigan University and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Mildred first embarked upon her teaching career as an educator in Anchorage, Alaska. It was in this unlikely place that she met and married the love of her life, Alton, known by friends and family as "Al." United by their passion for adventure and their love of education, Al and Mildred moved to Venezuela. From there, the couple headed to an Indian Reservation in Arizona to teach before permanently settling in Las Vegas. In Southern Nevada, Mildred taught until retirement at C.P. Squires ES and Lomie G. Heard ES.

During her accomplished career and throughout retirement, Mildred was a proud member and President of Alpha Delta Kappa Teacher's Sorority (both Gamma and Fidelis Chapters) for more than 50 years. In addition, she was very active in the Southern Nevada Retired Teachers Association and served as President from 1988-1990.

Outside of teaching, Mildred was recognized as a quiet and reflective leader with a sense of humor and sensitivity to the needs of others. She served as a member of the Leadership Council of AARP and donated countless hours of service through a variety of activities. She traveled extensively on behalf of the organization as a spokesperson and received the prestigious ANDRUS AWARD for Community Service and Excellence in Community Involvement in 2004. Somehow, she still made time in her busy schedule to serve as treasurer and "organizer of potluck dinners" at her Methodist Church.

Mildred cherished her home, loved to cook and had a passion for animal issues. Her smile, bright blue eyes, quick wit, sense of humor and spirit of generosity and friendship will always be remembered.

After the passing of Alton and Mildred, the Alton D. and Mildred S. Willard Scholarship Fund was established at the UNLV College of Education to provide individuals in need with financial assistance, while pursuing a career in education. Nearly $70,000 will be distributed to students, in the form of need-based scholarships, in honor of these two amazing educators.

Dr. Travis Olson Publishes New Book

Book: Putting Essential Understanding into Practice: Ratios and Proportions Numbers 6-8

Dr. Travis Olson, Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching & Learning, recently published a book titled: Putting Essential Understanding into Practice: Ratios and Proportions Numbers 6-8. Dr. Olson's recently published book is a research-based book for strategies and content exploration for practicing teachers. Information was included on the authors' own research on student strategies for the problems and synthesized a wealth of research that exists on the subject to make deeper content connections.

Publication of the book was a collaborative effort between Dr. Travis Olson and researchers with the University of Hawaii Curriculum Research and Development Group. Congratulations Dr. Travis Olson.

The College of Education would like to recognize the following faculty for their contributions:

Congratulations award recipients for your outstanding contributions to the College of Education, to the Las Vegas community, and to the field of education.

Philip J. Cohen Scholars Program

The 2015-2016 application for the Philip J. Cohen Scholarship at UNLV is now available. Made possible through the estate of Mr. Philip J. Cohen, this scholarship program aims to award deserving undergraduate students with substantial tuition support. Awards will be made to students of all class standings (e.g., freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors). All undergraduate students in need of financial aid are encouraged to apply for this award. Find the scholarship description, requirements and application at: https://apps.ess.unlv.edu/cohenscholarship/

UNLV COE Wayfinding Interactive Screen

The College of Education (COE) is pleased to announce the UNLV COE Wayfinding Interactive Screen (WIS). The WIS is a technology tool that allows anyone to quickly and easily find information about the College of Education. The Wayfinding Interactive Screen is located by the elevator on the first floor of the William D. Carlson Education Building.

The Wayfinding Interactive Screen informs and shares information to users about UNLV and COE's News and communications etc, and it includes features such as 1) Campus map, 2) CEB floor maps for finding classrooms, computer labs, and offices 3) directories for faculty, staff, departments, and centers. The Directory "Map It" feature shows users a direct route to COE offices.

The Wayfinding Interactive Screen provides users with an ADA Access (Easy Access) button on the bottom of the screen so that not only individuals with disabilities, but also children can use and navigate to find information that they need about the College of Education.

If you have any questions about the UNLV COE Wayfinding Interactive Screen (WIS), please contact Young Bok Kim at young.kim@unlv.edu

Below is the UNLV COE Wayfinding Interactive Screen (WIS) Video:

Kenny C. Guinn Memorial Millennium Scholarship

In 1999, the Nevada Legislature enacted Governor Kenny Guinn's Millennium Scholarship initiative into law. Section 396.911 of the Nevada Revised Statutes created the Millennium Scholarship Trust Fund, to be administered by the State Treasurer. Later that year, the Nevada System of Higher Education's Board of Regents adopted policy and procedure guidelines for the administration of the scholarship. Through the successful completion of a rigorous program of study at Nevada high schools, our state has seen a significant, positive impact-more than double the number of students are attending our colleges and universities since the program began. To read more about the scholarship, and to download the application, visit the The Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program page. The deadline is April 1.

The Troops To Teachers program at UNLV was recently highlighted in the news. A listing of the most recent news releases are available by visiting the links below.

For more information about the College of Education's Troops to Teachers Program please visit the Troops to Teachers site.

TTT Webinar

The UNLV College of Education is partnering with Troops to Teachers, the Clark County School District and mNET (partnership between the National Association of State Directors of Special Education and Ohio State University and a partnership between UNLV and Ohio State University) to bring military veterans the opportunity to become contracted, licensed, K-12 teachers beginning in August, 2015.

Military veterans who are looking for a new opportunity to serve while continuing to be a valuable part of a diverse and vibrant community are invited to consider the UNLV College of Education ARL (alternative route to licensure) program that is offered in collaboration with Troops to Teachers and the Clark County School District (CCSD).

In Las Vegas, NV the Clark County School District (CCSD) has a critical need for teachers to serve students of all ages in these subject areas, with up to 2000 new teachers needed for the 2015-2016 school year. Students need qualified teachers who bring the kinds of leadership, teamwork skills, technical expertise and dedication to duty that military veterans have to offer. Today's students need mature role models with real-world experience and high expectations to help them reach their greatest potential.

For military veterans who would like a career as a teacher in a high need subject area; such as special education, elementary, math, science, and English, we invite you to consider the new options available through the UNLV College of Education.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity on becoming a teacher in Las Vegas, NV view the webinar at http://carmenconnect.osu.edu/p235bli36fi/. You may also view the TTT PowerPoint Presentation online.

Reception honoring the late Ms. Kitty Rodman

Dean Metcalf invites you to a reception to honor the late Kitty Rodman and her generous gift of $12.9 million to the College of Education. The reception will take place on Thursday, January 29, 2015 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm in the Barrick Museum Gallery on the UNLV Campus. If you are planning on attending please send RSVPs to Sheila Bray at sheila.bray@unlv.edu by Friday, January 23, 2015.

COE Doctoral Graduates

The College of Education had nine Doctoral Graduates from the Summer and Fall 2014 semesters. They were honored at a recognition ceremony on Monday, December 15 by Dean Kim Metcalf, their advisors, COE Faculty and Staff, and their family and friends. The Summer and Fall 2014 graduates were William Garnett, Chris Holcomb, Teri Marx and Allenda Zionch from the Department of Educational & Clinical Studies; Leslie Forbush, Nathan Slife, and Brittnie Watkins from the Department of Educational Psychology & Higher Education; and Su Gao and Nayalee Villanvera from the Department of Teaching & Learning. Congratulations on this prestigious honor and to all of our COE graduates.

Dr. Howard R. D. Gordon, Department of Teaching & Learning Professor of Career and Technical Education, was named President of the Association for Career and Technical Education Research at the recent 2014 conference in Nashville, TN. Dr. Gordon will serve a two year term of office.

Dr. Jane McCarthy

Dr. Jane McCarthy, Executive Associate Dean of the UNLV College of Education, was named President of the World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education (WFATE) at their recent conference in Beijing. She will serve a two year term of office.

It is the mission of the World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education to build a global community of teacher educators and to promote trans-national collaboration, support, and research and development in teacher education. Membership consists of teacher education associations and individual members from around the world. The aims of the World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education are to:

  • To establish a worldwide community for teacher education.
  • To promote the development of teacher education associations throughout the world by:
    • Creating cooperative networks between teacher education associations.
    • Sharing information, resources and expertise.
    • Supporting countries and regions in developing teacher education institutions.
  • To represent the interests of teacher education associations to international bodies and organizations.
  • To provide equitable educational opportunities by promoting quality teacher education throughout the world.

More information about the association can be found at the World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education website.

Dr. Christine Clark

Dr. Christine Clark, Professor and Senior Scholar in Multicultural Education from the Department of Teaching & Learning, recently received the 2014 G. Pritchy Smith Multicultural Educator of the Year Award. To receive this award, a multicultural educator had to show evidence of long term, scholarly commitment to teaching from a multicultural perspective. There are multiple facets of diversity (e.g., race, ethnicity, social class, gender, language, sexual orientation, exceptionality, belief systems) addressed in the recipient's work. The recipient is an example of multicultural ideals and practices (e.g., teaching excellence, service in the community, participation in local, regional, or national organizations.

Dr. Clifford R. McClain

The Nevada Association of Career and Technical Education (NACTE) recently honored Dr. Clifford R. McClain as the Postsecondary Teacher of the Year, at their Annual Conference in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. This award was presented in recognition of his outstanding service, devotion, and leadership in Career and Technical Education.

While at the Annual Conference, Dr. McClain also made two presentations. He presented with Ms. Celine Endy, a UNLV Sophomore and the Administrative Vice President of the UNLV Collegiate DECA organization. Their presentation was entitled, Why Not a Collegiate CTSO? This presentation discussed the need for more student leadership organizations on Nevada's several collegiate campuses, while highlighting the success of the new UNLV DECA Chapter. Dr. McClain also presented a paper entitled, I'm Not What Others Think: Countering Stereotype Threat. This presentation discussed how repeated experiences of negative stereotyping can lead to diminished confidence, poor performance, and loss of interest by many of our students, especially on cognitive high threat tests.

Dr. McClain is an Associate Professor and Program Coordinator for the Career and Technical and Postsecondary Education program in the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Faculty traveled to Australia in September to attend an international conference sponsored by the UNLV Department of Educational & Clinical Studies and the University of New South Wales School of Education. The conference was titled: Special Education: Building Bridges Among Researchers and Practitioners Conference. An electronic version of the official conference proceedings is available in PDF format.

Special recognition to UNLV College of Education faculty members, Dr. Randy Boone and Dr. Kyle Higgins, who aided in editing these proceedings.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas will announce during its annual Foundation Dinner a $12.9 million gift from estate of the late philanthropist Kitty Rodman. Per Rodman's request, funds will be directed to the College of Education to support scholarships and graduate fellowships for UNLV students studying special education. UNLV expects the funds to generate more than $400,000 per year for awards. The gift is the largest ever to the College of Education, and it is also the top scholarship and realized estate gift the university has ever received. Rodman was a founding member of the UNLV Jean Nidetch Women's Center and a 25-year member of the UNLV Foundation Board of Trustees. She was a staple at UNLV academic and community events, supported scholarships, helped establish the physical therapy program at UNLV, and funded the construction of campus residence halls one of which is named in her honor. She died this past February.

Thomas Pierce, Professor and Chair of the Department Education & Clinical Studies, said locally and nationwide there are critical shortages of teachers in all areas and disciplines, particularly in special education. The endowment, which is the largest single source of funds at UNLV for doctoral fellowships, will help UNLV recruit students from Nevada and out of state to the academic field.

With deepest sadness we announce the passing of Dr. Paul Jones, long-time faculty member from Educational Psychology and Higher Education in the College of Education. Paul joined the UNLV faculty in 1987 after working as a psychologist in full-time private practice in Las Vegas. He earned a BA and MA in Psychology from Eastern New Mexico University, and an EdD in Counseling from New Mexico State University. Paul's record of service to his department, the college, the University, and the professional and local community was outstanding and colleagues, students, and community members in the Las Vegas area held him in highest regard.

Gifts in memory of Dr. Paul Jones can be given to the UNLV Foundation for the College of Education Scholarship Fund. Checks may be issued to the UNLV Foundation and sent to:
UNLV Foundation
4505 Maryland Parkway Box 451006
Las Vegas, NV 89154-1006.
Donors should note on the check memo line "In memory of Dr. Paul Jones."

Donations also can be made online through the UNLV Foundation website. Select "College of Education." After the gift amount is entered, please select "College of Education Scholarships" for the designation. At the tribute section at the bottom of the page, please add "Dr. Paul Jones" as the honoree.

Older news postings can be found at the UNLV College of Education News Archive page.