Center for Research, Evaluation and Assessment

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The Center for Research, Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) is dedicated to improving the research, data-analysis and measurement practices in Nevada to promote better research and learning.

  • Assist UNLV, local, and state agencies in the planning and implementation of high-quality research, evaluation, assessment, and data-analysis practices.
  • Conduct field-based and laboratory-based research and outreach that improves our understanding of research methodology and assessment in schools and the work place.
  • Provide quality assurance training to the community to enhance the assessment of learning and social outcomes.
  • Provide training and internships for graduate students.

Course Evaluation Service for UNLV Colleges/Departments

One of the evaluation services offered by CREA is course evaluations. For Spring 2017 course evaluations, the process is as follows:


      1. Contact for the link to the Spring 2017 Course Evaluation Request.

      This form ensures we receive all of the pertinent information in a central location.

      2. Complete course rosters for the courses to be evaluated. You may download a template. The information in the course roster includes:

      • Department abbreviation
      • Course Name
      • Section Number
      • Instructor Name (Last, First)
      • Student Name (Last, First)
      • Student Rebel Mail. The email addresses used must be the students' Rebel Mail accounts.
      • Number of students in the course. This serves as a quick check that students have been entered correctly into the system. If you do not receive that information it can be quickly calculated using the Excel counta() function.
      • For the Spring 2017 course evaluations it is important that the rosters only have data in the first two columns.

      3. Email your course roster to The subject line must contain SPRING 2017 ROSTER.

      • Please send rosters as soon as possible after the last drop date, March 24, 2017. Adding courses to the evaluation system requires multiple steps and this will ensure the courses are added in a timely manner.
      • Any rosters received after April 24, 2017 may not receive a full two week evaluation period.

      4. CREA will upload the courses into the course evaluation system. During the course evaluation time period:

      • CREA will send email reminders to students.
      • CREA will send summary reports displaying response rates for each course to the department contacts.

      5. Once the course evaluation period ends, CREA will:

      • Send the final evaluation reports to the department contacts either via email or CD (selecting to receive the reports via CD may result in a slower delivery time).
      • Send the IDR to the contact listed in the Spring 2017 Course Evaluation Request form. The cost for the evaluation services are:
        • $1.50/course
        • $0.40/student
        • Miscellaneous charges for special services.

Questions about the course evaluation process can be directed to Cynthia Clark at

Frequently Asked Questions From Students

"I can't find/have not received the link to the course evaluation."
Check the inbox of your Rebel Mail account. Check whether others in the class have received the evaluation. Include a search of your Rebel Mail account. If you still cannot find the email with the course survey link, contact Include your name, the department, course number, course section, and instructor name of the missing course evaluation in the email.
"I ended the evaluation by mistake and wasn't done" or "I entered incorrect information."
The current system does not allow for corrections of student errors. The data is de-identified once the 'submit' button has been clicked and cannot be deleted. This occurs in order to ensure your anonymity and keeps your responses anonymous. If an evaluation were made available to a student a second time, it would be difficult to ensure that some of the items were not answered for a second time. Therefore it is very important that students look over their answers to ensure accuracy BEFORE hitting the submit button.
"There are errors in the course survey." (Instructor name is wrong, course # is wrong, you are not enrolled in the course).
Contact State the issue and include your name, the name of the department and course, and the course section number. We will get back to you once the problem is resolved.
"Why doesn't the system save my responses and let me come back to them later?"
Your email would be associated with your responses until you return, which destroys your anonymity. As soon as you complete the entire evaluation and submit it, the system removes your identity from the responses, keeping your responses anonymous.


The CREA offers a variety of professional consultation services to UNLV and the Nevada community. Figure 1 shows our main services, including research planning, data analysis, evaluation, instrument development, applied assessment, and student-based assessment. Figure shows different types of data analyses in the areas of quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research.

CREA Diagram


The Center is managed and staffed by professionals known throughout the educational community.

The UNLV Center for Research, Evaluation, and Assessment (CREA) contact information is as follows:

UNLV Center for Research, Evaluation, and Assessment
4505 S. Maryland Parkway Box 453003
Las Vegas, Nevada 89154-3003

Phone: 702-895-4303
Fax: 702-895-3606