Department of Educational & Clinical Studies

UNLV/CSUN Preschool students

The Department of Educational and Clinical Studies is designed and dedicated to prepare professionals for specialized services in schools, community agencies, and higher education settings. Our undergraduate and graduate students participate in coursework and clinical experiences that contain a solid theoretical and practical knowledge base in the areas of research design and implementation, teaching, and the provision of mandated services at the community, state, and national level. The faculty produces new knowledge concerning critical educational and clinical issues through original research and scholarly inquiry. We promote and embrace the concept of cultural diversity and we affirm our commitment to the ethical standards of our respective disciplines. The department will maintain professional accreditation in Counseling, Early Childhood, English Language Learner Programs, and Special Education. Through external funding (national and state grants), the creation of sustainable research labs, and publication of our research in ranked scholarly journals, department faculty contribute to the scientifically based literature across all the professional areas represented in the department.

Application Due Date: Friday, February 15, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. **strictly enforced**. Applications are available online.

Exam Date: March 11, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.

* Deadlines will be strictly enforced. *

Educational and Clinical Services Department Debuts a Series of Lectures and Interactive Sessions for Human Services Professionals:

In Fall 2014, the College of Education became the recipient of the largest single endowment to the university in the amount of $12.9 million by the late Kitty Rodman, a longtime supporter of the university and the community. Per Ms. Rodman's request, the funds are to support scholarships and graduate fellowships for UNLV students pursuing careers in special education.

Six Rodman Scholars began this Fall semester following a competitive search process: Bridgette Baquero, Liana Galvan-Bernal, Dominique Crisden, Angelique Stephens-Hamilton, Manuel Lucas, and Amber Peck. The first cohort of scholars is comprised of undergraduate students completing their student teaching in special education classrooms at the Resource Room level.

EDSP 481 Students: There will be no scheduled orientation. Report to the first day of scheduled class
EDSP 487/ECE 483 Students: Orientation will be on Thursday, January 14 in CEB 133 at 10:30
EDSP 491/ECE 491/ECE 780 Students: Orientation will be on Thursday, January 14 in CEB 133 at 9:00
ESP 737i Students: Orientation will take place on the first night of class.
* Attendance at orientation is mandatory.

Students applying for May or August graduation of 2016 can now apply to take the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE). Students must inform their advisor of their intent to take the exam by November 11th. The exam will be administered Saturday, January 23rd, from 8am to 12pm. The location for the examination will be announced the first week of January.

Any study materials for this exam can be accessed at the following link: