UNLV Interaction & Media Sciences Lab

Technology and Cognition

The UNLV Interaction & Media Sciences Lab is an interdisciplinary lab that specializes in state-of-the-art-research into human-computer-interaction, video games, game-based models, virtual reality, and simulations. We focus our research on understanding technology from the human perspective, specifically in the context of human learning, behavior, and socio-emotional competencies.

Located in the Carlson Education Building, room CEB 313/330, the lab actually consists of three separate workspaces: 1) a traditional desktop research lab, 2) a virtual reality lab, and 3) lab coordinators' office. The IMLS was created, in part, to provide graduate students with an opportunity to actively engage in mentorship-guided research and develop the skills necessary for work at public and private research jobs, as well as academic positions. For specific information regarding our Ph.D. program, please follow this link: Curriculum & Instruction: Interaction & Media Sciences Ph.D. program.

For more information regarding the IMSL, please contact:
Dr. Michael McCreery
Phone: 702-895-1750
Email: michael.mccreery@unlv.edu