Boilerplate Information

Title Description Link
UNLV Information
Organizational Profile Provides an overall description of the University.
Demographics Demographic breakdown of the university's students.
History Background history related to the university.
Human Capital Describes the university's capacity to successfully carry out grant activities and effectiveness measures.
Facilities Equipment and Support Information Information about the facilities, equipment, and resources available at the university.
Indirect Costs (F&A) A breakdown of the Indirect Costs (F&A) rate for UNLV.
MSI Eligible Listing Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) eligilible information listing.
UNLV's Legal Name: Board of Regents, Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) on behalf of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
The university's TIN (also known as an EIN): 88-6000024A3
DUNS Number: 098377336
COE Information
Faculty Count A breakdown of the faculty in the college and the departments.
Additional UNLV Boiler Plate Information can be found on the UNLV Research and Economic Development site.