Teach Nevada Scholarship Information

The College of Education has received $960,000 in scholarship funds for 7 Traditional Undergraduate and 20 ARL spots. The funding is for individuals beginning programs in summer or fall 2017. This is the third round of Teach Nevada Scholarships that UNLV has received funding for.

Part of the College's success in securing these funds was the ability to get quality candidates quickly into classrooms that need them most - with about 20 program routes to teacher licensure available to students of various educational backgrounds and life circumstances.

The College of Education was well poised to receive a significant amount of funding as both a traditional teacher preparation and ARL program provider. In addition, the accessibility of the College's programs can meet the needs of designated priority groups: towards military members and their spouses, those wanting to teach in at-risk public schools and content areas in which there is a critical teacher shortage, and those who were economically disadvantaged or a member of a racial or ethnic minority group.

Application Deadline: July 24, 2017

Additional information is noted on the applications and can also be found on Nevada DOE website. For more information on the traditional and alternative routes to becoming a teacher visit the I Want To Teach site.